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HP Officejet Pro 8610e


  1/30/2015  I purchased a factory sealed HP Officejet Pro 8610e printer.  It had never before had ink or paper installed into it.  After turning in to and following the typical scripts, an error popped up:  "door cover open".  So I called HP and all their support numbers had been discontinued and proceeded with the message, "to contact support please go to the web where you will get options and support.  Apparently this is another new product and it was almost impossible to even find a chat support connection.  After about 20 minutes I was finally able to get through the maze and this is the chat scrupt that followed:

4:08 PM  Connecting...
4:08 PM  Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
4:08 PM  Support session established with Ginny.
4:08 PM  Ginny: Hi!Welcome to HP Customer and Support of Imaging & Printing Group for All-In-One printers. My name is Ginny.Please give me a minute while I review the problem description details. Meanwhile please confirm country and contact number.Note: For security reasons please do not share Credit Card details on the chat session.In case we get disconnected please contact us at 1800-474-6836
4:09 PM  Dale Gibble: door open error
4:09 PM  Ginny: Okay.
4:10 PM  Ginny: Is it on the printer screen or on the computer screen?
4:10 PM  Dale Gibble: printer screen
4:11 PM  Ginny: Okay, we need to perform few troubleshooting steps to fix it. should we start?
4:11 PM  Dale Gibble: yes
4:11 PM  Ginny: Okay, now we need to perform hard reset of the printer.Please follow the below steps:1. Make sure printer is ON.2. Remove cartridges from the printer3. Remove the power cable from the back of the printer.4. Wait for 120 seconds.5. Reconnect the power cable in the printer.6. Insert the cartridges.Note: connect the printer direct to power wall outlet if using surge protector
4:14 PM  Dale Gibble: ok power back on and same error
4:15 PM  Ginny: Please check and remove any packaging material inside the printer.
4:17 PM  Dale Gibble: no sign of any packaging materials inside
4:17 PM  Ginny: Please remove all the loose papers from the printer.
4:18 PM  Dale Gibble: no paper in printer
4:18 PM  Ginny: I believe using good paper condition like without bend or damage.
4:19 PM  Dale Gibble: we cant use any paper or ink before the close cover error goes away
4:20 PM  Ginny: Okay, please check and remove any jam from the duplexed, rear access door, carriage path and input and output tray.
4:21 PM  Dale Gibble: no paper was ever in this printer, cant pass by the door open error
4:21 PM  Ginny: Please try to clean the rollers of the printer/duplexer
4:22 PM  Dale Gibble: This is priceless! Deplorable support from HP, this will be my web site tomorrow


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