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Dell Deplorable service.


 6:56:47 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
Initial Question/Comment: After 2 hours of talking to every Dell employee, in Texas and the Philipines, I still have not been able to order a reinstallation DVD
 6:56:57 PM     System   System 
You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
 6:56:57 PM     System   System 
Connected with ProSupport Dean Workman
 6:57:22 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Thanks for contacting Dell Pro-Support. My name is Dean, ( I hope you are doing well. How can I assist you today?
 6:57:37 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
I see your post: Dale Gibble begins session with: After 2 hours of talking to every Dell employee, in Texas and the Philipines, I still have not been able to order a reinstallation DVD
 6:58:02 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
I apologize for the inconvenience of having an issue with getting Windows media. I would be happy to try and assist you with this .Please allow me a few moments to look up the details on your system.
I see that you provided your email address as Is this the best email address to reach you at
 6:58:18 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
So Far
 6:58:42 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Is this for the Precision T3500 service tag 9P8BNS1 (with Pro-Support)?
 6:58:47 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
 6:59:06 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
I AM pro support
 6:59:47 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
I apologize I didn't understand your last post. You work for Dell Pro-Support?
 6:59:49 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
I was designing computers at Texas Instruments in 1978 before Dell existed.
 7:00:19 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Pro-Support is the name of warranty support group for this system.
 7:00:27 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
I am more professional than 90% of ALL DELL employees and will fill out the survey.
 7:00:52 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
I don't need or want warranty, I only want to purchase a disk.
 7:01:12 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
I just need to verify the company name and address on the account for the service tag provided and we can ship one out to you.
 7:01:46 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
Here we go, around in circles again. I DO NOT HAVE A WARRANTY!!!!
 7:02:00 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
 7:02:17 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
You have chatted into Warranty Support, I am not in sales.
 7:02:37 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
I fix and replace defective hardware.
 7:03:08 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
Sales says they cannot ship this. It must be ordered thru tech support. Tech support says to order thru sales. And round and round we go for hours on end.
 7:03:17 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
We can also send out Windows media DVD if needed if the system is under warranty (which I show this one is), however we have to verify the company name on the account before we can set up any dispatch.
 7:04:12 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
That is all we need and then we can send you out a Windows DVD at no charge.
 7:04:22 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
Then how do we transfer ownership?
 7:04:38 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
I just purchased this today from xxxxxxxxx in Houston, Texas.
 7:05:25 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
How about sending out the DVD and charging me?
 7:06:22 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
You would want to get with them and have them get that original company information (unfortunately it is not listed under that company name or I could just set it up under that for you)
 7:06:37 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Once you have that information you can put in for the transfer of ownership online
 7:06:37 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
 7:08:20 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
The only type of Windows DVD that I can sale is retail versions of Windows 7 or8 (at the retail price), however I think you are looking for the Dell branded Windows DVD that ships with the systems, correct?
 7:08:43 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
That requires knowledge of previous owner. I don't know who the previous owner is.
 7:09:29 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
I am looking for the DELL REINSTALLATION DVD.
 7:11:27 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
I understand exactly what you are looking for. For me to ship out anything (even a single screw) we have to be able to verify the information on the account. I'm not trying you a run around, just letting you know how that works.
 7:11:58 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
If you don't know who owner of system was or whom it was registered to, I would suggest contacting Customer Care at 800-456-3355
 7:12:01 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
 7:12:26 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
They may have some other way to put in a transfer of ownership for you.
 7:13:26 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Due to our privacy agreement with our customers I can not able to give out any customer or account information.
 7:14:06 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
That phone number I gave for Customer Care is open 7am to 7pm Monday - Friday central time.
 7:14:29 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
 7:14:56 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
 7:16:16 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
I understand you are frustrated, and I do apologize. When you purchase a 2nd hand computer from a 3rd party that was not the original owner, and they did not provide you with any information on the original account this type of thing can happen.
 7:17:31 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
On plus side ANY Dell branded Windows 7 DVD will work with this system with no product key. Most local computer repair stores will have them, they may be get you one or just borrow one if you are looking to reinstall Windows 7.
 7:17:52 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Once you have Windows 7 installed then you can burn your own image for future use.
 7:18:27 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
I imagine folks may even sell extra copies they don't need online.
 7:18:49 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
This transcript will be posted under DELL DEPLORABLE SERVICE at in 15 minutes.
 7:19:07 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
I'm just your warranty support guy and I can set up dispatches to the owner of the warranty.
 7:19:22 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Is there anything else I can assist you with this evening?
 7:19:52 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
I need names and numbers of operations and vice president.
 7:20:17 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
I don't have phone numbers to the vice president.
 7:20:45 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
Then how about your supervisor's supervisor's phone number???
 7:21:22 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
I am in chat support, if you like I can get a supervisor on the chat and explain the same thing let you know earlier for you.
 7:21:26 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
 7:21:47 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
That above link is a list of Dell executives I found online for you.
 7:25:47 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
I am getting with a supervisor now. Having them check to see if there is anything in stock available to sell you.
 7:27:27 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Have you ever purchased anything or a system from Dell? If so then you would have a customer number, order number we can try to use that.
 7:28:28 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
Within the last 12 months I have purchased a Windows 7 reinstallation DVD.
 7:29:02 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Great, you should be able to use that exact same one for this system.
 7:29:07 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
They will work on any Dell system.
 7:29:32 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Also if you have that order number I can look that up and we can try to use that part number for you.
 7:30:13 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
That one was 32 bit. I need a 64bit version for thie XEON processor with 12GB RAM.
 7:31:02 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Do you have that order number? If so that will let us pull up your customer number which might be able to help.
 7:31:28 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
It would take a while to find the order.
 7:35:42 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
We tried but unfortunately we are not able to find any valid part numbers we are able to use to sell a OEM DVD. Since we don't sell those here in Warranty that is not very surprising, however if you have purchased one in the past from a different department (our warranty part numbers are different than sales type numbers), that order number would help pull up who was able to sell that to you and then we can could go through them to see if there are any Windows 7 64bit Dell OEM DVDs available for sale and set up a quote for you.
 7:36:47 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
I did find some 3rd party sites online that have some for sale.
 7:37:02 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
 7:37:47 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
There are some I found on eBay for you.
 7:37:52 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
 7:38:17 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Obviously I can't vouch for any 3rd party sites or sellers, but just trying to give you some options.
 7:39:38 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Either way I would definitely recommend getting with Customer Care on Monday to work on getting the warranty put in your name. Not only so you can get media directly from us here in warrant support, but also so we can provide any advanced support or dispatch parts or service for the hardware, free of charge.
 7:40:38 PM     Agent   ProSupport Dean Workman 
Was there anything else I can try to assist you with this evening?
 7:41:11 PM     Customer   Dale Gibble 
I rest my case Sad
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