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Backup Exec 2010


BESR 2010 Offsite Copy Failure -- Error EC8F1F5B

Some basics:

BESR Evaluation Copy running on VM (VSphere 4) Windows 2003 server
FTP Server = QNap TS-239 Pro II

When trying to do a backup and copy offsite to our FTP server, I get the following error EC8F1F5B in the event logs.

I've read several times that this may be caused by two things:

bulletNot enough space to store the backup data.   In this case we have a 2TB FTP server and are using the Admin account (with all read-write permissions) and the backup data is only about 9GB (separated into 2GB files).
bulletThe FTP requires SSL but BESR does not support SSL.  The FTP server we are using does not require SSL.

Does anybody know of any other reasons the Offisite Copy would fail?

I can freely FTP into the QNap server using the command prompt and Internet Explorer on the server we are backing up.  So, the server can use the FTP, but for some reason, I get this dreaded error every time I try to do the Offsite Copy.  There are no limits/quotas on the FTP server to the space that can be used for any user...

Am I just missing something simple?  Any help is appreciated.

Thanks much!



This problem reported on January 5, 2010 and by 7/25/2010 Symantec is still MUM!

My question to Symantec is:  How can you justify the large sums of money that you charge for all these new versions of software and yet you never respond to the bugs?


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