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Access Very Slow on some computers

A couple of questions.

1.  All all of the computers on the same physical LAN?

2.  Are any of the computers on a WAN?  (if you answer yes, to the above, I guess this is a no)

3.  Are all of the computers hard wired versus wireless?

4.  Are some going through switchs while others are not?

5.  Do all of the computers have the same speed ethernet boards (100 megabit)?

6.  Do all of the computers have a similar configuration (cpu, memory, and free diskspace)?

7.  I'm assuming that you are running the same query on two different computers.  If that is true, pick one computer where the computer is funning fast and one computer where the same query is running slow.  See if any of the above is true for the computers or if something in the above FAQ is true.

Computers and networks are fun - huh?  (right).

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