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Why I would want a $1200/year backup service


What would happen if your hard drive failed today?

60 percent of small business that loose data shut down within 6 months.

We need a recovery method when the hard drive is corrupted or damaged. A disk restore is useful in the following situations:

  1. Your system files have been damaged by a virus or malware and cannot boot normally.
  2. Your current hard drive has failed or is showing signs of failing and you want to replace it.
  3. Your current hard drive is too small and you want to change to a bigger one.
  4. Your data on the hard disk has been lost and you want to recover it.
  5. You want to replace hard drive with SSD and benefit from new technology.
These situations are based on one thought: you don't want to reinstall everything since this us often an 8 hour procedure. As long as you have a backup image of the hard drive, total restoration can be done quickly and efficiently..