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Tag Assistant Recordings

Validate, diagnose, and troubleshoot issues with your Google Analytics implementation in real time


Click the INSTALL button in tag assistant


This adds a button in the Google Chrome toolbar


Right Click on Tag icon


Left Click on options


Enter your default domain and exit


Left click the ICON and see your account ie. UA-96005678-1


  1. Navigate to subject page

  2. Click on Tag Assistant

  3. There are three tabs: meta data, code snippet, cookies

List Checks

  1. Click on tag icon

  2. Click on gear

  3. Click on "List Checks" - see errors

Error: %s must be a number.

  1. Click on error link

  2. There is no "%s" on the page in question

  3. Tag Assistant help says:

  4. Search results for %s
    Google Analytics Errors
    Help article - Google Tag Assistant
    Missing X required parameter(s) for method 'X'. Move the tag inside the head. Move the tag outside of the iframe. Remove the deprecated method, " XXXXXXXXX ...




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