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OG:Image for Facebook

Solution – Open graph / og image not working when using Facebook share?

Here is a list of avalable open graph / og properties working for Facebook.

og:title – The title of your article, excluding any branding.
og:site_name – The name of your website. Not the URL, but the name.
og:url – This URL serves as the unique identifier for your post, an url without any session variables, user identifying parameters, or counters.
og:description – A detailed description of the piece of content, usually between 2 and 4 sentences.
og:image – The image associated with your webpage. Size should be at least 1200×630 pixels, although 400 x 427 seems to work
og:image:width – The image width
og:image:height – The image height
fb:app_id – The unique ID that lets Facebook know the identity of your site.
            meta property="fb:app_id" content="APPID"
og:type – Different types of media will change how your content shows up in Facebook’s newsfeed. Default is “website”.
og:locale – The language of the webpage. The default is en_US.
og:locale:alternate – If you have other available language translation available
article:author – This property links to the authors Facebook profile or a Facebook page
article:publisher – This property links to the publisher of the article, must be a Facebook Page.

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