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Restoring Your Dell Computer to Original Factory Installation with Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0

Dell DataSafe Restore

  1. Restore will not work on cloned drive

  2. Files are encrypted, can't be cloned.


M5030 Beep Codes

  1. BIOS ROM checksum in progress or failure System board failure, covers BIOS corruption or ROM errors.
  2. No Memory (RAM) detected Memory or Memory slot failure
  3. Beeps
    1. chipset Error (North and South bridge error, DMA/IMR/Timer error)
    2. Time-Of-Day Clock test failure
    3. Gate A20 failure
    4. Super I/O chip failure
    5. Keyboard controller test failure
    6. System board failure

  4. Memory read / write failure Memory failure

  5. Real Time Clock (RTC) power fail CMOS battery failure

  6. Video BIOS test failure Video subsystem failure

  7. Beeps

    1. CPU Cache test failure Processor failure or motherboard failure
    2. Sometimes Bad RAM in DIMM2

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