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Topic: Email Notifications when ISP requires SSL/TLS port 465 (Read 6640 times)
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Email Notifications when ISP requires SSL/TLS port 465
« on: February 22, 2010, 08:13:05 PM »
DIR-655(A3) 1.33NAb02_HNAP_beta

:'( I used to be able to send notifications on log full etc... When my ISP was still allowing outbound email w/opt out of block on port 25. This worked on my old DI-524, and used to work on my DIR-655.

In an effort to clamp down on spam my ISP formerly SBC now AT&T began requiring SSL. Secure Authentication is not required. With the ever increasing concern for controlling spam DLink really needs to get in gear and provide the support customers need and back the efforts of ISP's to control spam. Otherwise it's wasted code occupying space. On that note if space is a concern, need space for the code ~ throw SecureSpot out ;D!

This is the one remaining issue I know of that plagues what is otherwise a great device.


D-Link DCS-5020L


This article would walk you through setting up an email account on your camera’s MAIL SETTINGS. This settings will allow the camera to send an email as part part of the following conditions :

  1. On Schedule – as specified in the TIME SCHEDULE section.
  2. On Motion Detection – Requires motion detection be configured.

Please make sure you have all the required information before you begin.


REQUIREMENTS   (Example here is using a Yahoo email account

  • SMTP Server address – Example:
  • SMTP Server Port  –  Example:  25, 587, etc
  • User name and password  – for the sender address account
  • Type of  security used by the mail service  –  Either: SSL-TLS , STARTTLS, None This depends on your Service Provided


Once you have all the above information collected, follow the steps below to setup the email account:


Step 1. Login to your camera configuration pages


Step 2. Navigate to the MAIL page options by clicking SETUP for the horizontal menu and then MAIL form the Left side vertical menu



Step 3.  Under the E-MAIL ACCOUNT section (Top of the page) enter the following information:


– SMTP Server Address

– SMTP Sever Port

– Sender E-Mail Address

– Receiver E-Mail Address

– User Name

– Password



*Verification of the information in red is vital for proper configuration and operation



Step 4. Save configuration by clicking on the Save Settings button


Step 5. After the configuration has been saved, go to the bottom of the page under the TEST E-MAIL ACCOUNT section  and click on  Test  to send a verification test email.



Step 6. A confirmation message displays. Go to  STATUS > Device Info to see the results or check your inbox to look for the confirmation email sent.



If you are unable to get the email confirmation or if your email test resulted in a failure, check your SMTP server address and port settings. Verify the User Nave and Password. Check the Security Type settings information (if you are using your ISP SMTP service, contact your ISP support and ask them to verify the information used in their configuration) try again.