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Cannot send/receive e-mails Print
You do not need to configure anything on the D-Link router for your e-mail to work properly. If you have access to the Internet you should be able to send/receive e-mails. Verify the following steps if you lost the ability to send or receive e-mail after installing a D-Link router: 

  • Verify your E-mail client settings

    Step 1. Make sure you do not have any firewall/antivirus software running on the computer. Disable the firewall/antivirus software temporarilty to see if it fixes the problem. 

    Step 2. Contact your e-mail provider (i.e. Internet Provider) and verify your incoming (POP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers. This information is normally available on the Provider's support website. The Provider should be able to assist in the configuration of the e-mail client. 

    Step 3. If using Outlook: Go to Tools > Accounts > Mail. Highlight your email account and click Properties. Click the Server's tab. Get the name of the SNMP Server. Make sure that the name of the server has the domain suffix specified (e.g. '', not just 'mail-hub').

    Step 4. Open a command prompt. Go to Start > Run > Type: 'cmd' > Press OK. Type: 'nslookup ' to get the IP Address of the server (example: nslookup 

    Step 5. Enter that IP address in Outlook in the space for the SMTP Server on the Accounts tab. Click OK. 

    If you continue to have problems with your email try changing the MTU settings on the router.
    Note: changing MTU on the router alone may not resolve the issue, in this case proceed with changing MTU on your computer's Network Adapter.