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Restoring to dissimilar hardware guide

Created - August 11, 2014; Updated - May 19, 2015;

This article applies to:

Acronis True Image 2015


Restore to dissimilar hardware procedure:

  1. Create an Acronis bootable media and boot the target computer (connect the media to your computer and restart the computer).
  2. Perform recovery of the backed up system.
  3. Download Acronis Universal Boot media builder and create a bootable media containing Acronis Universal Boot - a free tool available for Acronis Customers (see details below), which allows you to make the restored system bootable on dissimilar hardware.
  4. Prepare necessary drivers (see details below), boot the target computer and use Universal Boot (see details below) to make the
    restored system bootable on the new hardware.
  5. Now you can start the computer and work with your system restored to the new hardware.

To be able to download Acronis Universal Boot tool from your account, you need to register your license of Acronis True Image under your account on Acronis website

Or you can also use direct download links:

bullet Acronis Universal Boot English
bullet Acronis Universal Boot German
bullet Acronis Universal Boot French
bullet Acronis Universal Boot Japanese
bullet Acronis Universal Boot Russian
bullet Acronis Universal Boot Italian
bullet Acronis Universal Boot Spanish